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What is Practicum?

Practicum is a web application developed for the administration of student internships in university curricula. Interns can upload their assignments and tasks to the online interface by means of any browser. Participants in the internship program (instructors, interns, mentors, study coordinators, etc.) can follow the processes in real time. The automatic aggregation of the large amount of data generated during the internship allows both instant overview of interim and final results in any breakdown (by person, type of exercise, course, location, etc.). The system also facilitates instant contextual feedback from every participant.



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What types of internships are administered by Practicum?

The application was designed and developed through a tight collaboration with participants in higher education, taking into account the structure and needs of internship programs. The flexible internal structure of the software can be adapted to the specific training system of any institution involving content types such as: internship types, assignment types, courses, professional reflections, mentor and teacher evaluations, exams, internships, forums, correspondences.


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Who can access Practicum data?

Access to data in Practicum is subject to user roles and permissions. In general terms, the database can only be accessed by users with a username and password. Beyond the login system, the permissions to create or read certain types of content by a user is determined by the nature of the internship, by the roles that users of Practicum have within the training curriculum. An internship usually involves at least three types of user roles: intern, mentor, instructor (or teacher). By default, a mentor has access to assignments performed by interns under his or her supervision, professional reflections written by his or her own intern, or instructor evaluations written about his or her own intern. Depending on the nature of the internship program, access profiles and data management competencies can be tuned to the smallest detail.


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User-friendly interface

Practicum is can be launched from any browser and does not require a separate installation on users' computing devices. Although the application is capable of complex data management, the web interface is designed in a user-friendly way. This, of course, includes the fact that the interface is optimized for a mobile devices in terms of both data entry and data display. The interface and content creation allows the creation of multilingual content with simple the click of a button. 


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Detailed presentation

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